Highlights of the Wall


Hadrian’s Wall Path is an epic 84 miles in total stretching from sea to sea through the beautiful and rugged borderlands between Scotland and England.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is Europe’s largest surviving Roman monument and steeped in history, as well as being a popular location for films and television shoots.  It was the northern frontier of the Roman Empire and took a task force of 15,000 men 6 years to build.

If you want to see the best preserved parts of the Wall with museums and forts then our Highlights of the Wall walk may be for you.  This 41 mile walk between Chollerford and Carlisle is where the Wall can be seen at its best.  You will see fine examples of the forts, turrets and milecastles, stay in hand-picked accommodation, visit the historic Border City of Carlisle to see the castle and museums and learn about the “Cursing Stone’, a curse made against the Reivers – robbers, blackmailers and highwaymen – who blighted this area 500 years ago.

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